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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you planning to sell your house any time soon? If yes, then are you sure that it’s ready and everything looks appealing to a potential buyer?

Selling your house isn’t as easy as handing the key over to the new owner. It requires some careful attention first to ensure that it places well in the market. Through this, potential buyers are going to come swarming in and you can sell your house in no time.

If you want to start the preparations of selling your home without cashing out too much money, then here are some tips that you need to follow:

1. Deep clean and declutter – Put on your cleaning gloves and do the cleaning yourself. You will feel at ease in knowing that your hourly rate is higher than your normal day job.

Take the time to inspect every area of the house that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or touched for years. Even if it takes all day, just do it because you will find it comforting to know that this extra effort will make it worth your while.

As for deep stains like those found in carpets, you can hire professional cleaners to clean it thoroughly. However, not all carpets can be revived with a clean though and it’s recommended that you have it replaced.

2. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint – You can always refresh the look of your living room by repainting the walls.  The ideal paint is a shade of light beige or gray to provide it with a contemporary, neutral finish.

If your home is more suited to a brown color scheme, try repainting it with beige, which is a color that never goes out of style. Also, don’t forget to use masking tape if possible so that you can give the edges a clean paint.

3. Replace the floors – When it comes to flooring options, you can never go wrong in choosing between a carpet, hardwood, and wood finish laminate because the ROI on these are outstanding. Basically, hardwood is king because homebuyers are more likely to pay for a house with hardwood floors.

On the other hand, carpet and laminate are also easier options since they are more budget-friendly and can be easily installed in less than a day while hardwood requires a full day or two. If you are looking for a reputable carpet installer, you can get in touch with Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver and avail of their services.

Just try to evaluate the pros and cons between each option and if you have an agent, ask them about which material plays well in the market.

4. Check roofing for leaks - If your house has been there for a while, you should also take a look at the roof to see if it there are leaks because it won't look good for your potential buyer. Once you spot that there's something wrong, you can hire roof contractors like the roofing company in Kitsilano ( to ensure that this problem will be fixed. Make sure to also check the gutters to see if they have no leaks as well because it can potentially do more damage if it's not take cared of. You can also hire if you want to get this particular section of your roof fixed.

Selling your home can be easy as long as you put the time, money, and effort in making it look appealing to the next owner. Just remember to be generous in your effort because if you do, it will all be worth it in the end.