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ecotouRING news No. 1 - May 1999 _________________________________________________________ the bulletin of the Ecotourism Ring List of Ecotourism Ring Sites

  In this Issue:  

1. Ecotourism Ring Progress
2. New applications.
3. Insertion of the Ecotourism Ring HTML code by existing Members
4. Insertion of the Ecotourism Ring HTML code by new applicants
5. Members may also invite sites.
6. Ecotourism Ring News Contents.
7. Free page for Members at ecotourism.cc
8. If you can not read HTML email
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Thanks to your efforts, the Ecotourism Ring now numbers 23 with 5 sites in the queue. We already rank 59th (and rising) in the top 100 Travel Rings. We are expanding the ring without sacrificing quality. All Member sites will remain relevant to ecotourism and genuine. Please feel free to suggest other sites that you feel should become members.  

2. Every week we will report on the new applications. Currently there are 5 applicants in the Queue: Hotel Valle Escondido (Costa Rica), Nechako Lodge (Canada), Koksetna Wilderness Lodge (Alaska), Harithafarms (India), Seca Expeditions.

3. To guarantee the smooth operation of the Ring and to be fair to all Ring Members, the inclusion of the Ring HTML code on the Members page which participates in the Ring, and not hidden on another page is a must. Attention has to be paid when using frames, so that the code is displayed. Some Members have yet to include the code. I realise that some pages are not updated on a regular basis so the procedure will be as follows: A "Please Note" email will be sent. If no reply is received within 2 weeks a "Second notice" will be sent. If no reply to the 2nd email is received within two weeks the site will be removed from the Ring back to the Queue. An email will be then sent informing the site about the placement in the Queue and that the site will be removed from the Queue automatically in 4 weeks unless a reply is received. 

4. All new applicants will be required to insert the code before being accepted in the Ring. No exceptions will be made.

5. All Members may also invite new sites to join the Ring. Please inform us too when you do that.
6. The Ecotourism Ring News will have no advertisements, only genuine news or views, from Members. Free email subscriptions will be offered to any interested member of the public. You may include such a facility at your site if you wish.

7. If any Member wishes, they can have 1 page for FREE, at www.ecotourism.cc. The page should not exceed 150 KB. Please Send the HTML to memberpage@ecotourism.cc.

8. If you can not read HTML email please say so and you will receive a Plain Text version. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------