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e c o t o u R I N G   n e w s issue 11, March 2000

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In this Issue:  

1. Ecotourism Ring Overview:  

1. (a) Ring Statistics.

Three new members joined during the past month. We now number 56 sites from 24 countries. 8-week Traffic has grown from 2486 to 3001 hits and the Ecotourism Ring climbed from the 56th to the 51st position at the top-100 travel related Webrings.  

1. (b) Ecotourism Ring Top-10 by Traffic generated

Rank (Previous) Clicks Last 8 wks Ecotourism Ring Member Site:
1    (1) 166 (147) Amazon Rain Forest Expedition
2   (2) 161   (99) Eco-Tours in Bhutan
3   (9) 94   (46) Sunny Brook Cottages -NH, U.S.A.
4   (5) 66   (61) ecotourism.cc - Free Ecotourism Resources
5   (6) 66   (60) Kosrae Village Resort, Micronesia - Naturally!
6   (4) 64   (65) Daintree Wilderness Lodge - Australia
7   (8) 53   (52) AmazonAid.Org
8   (3) 50   (81) Estonian Ecotourism Association
9   (-) 47    (--) Alaska Vistas Company
10   (7) 46   (55) African Safaris & EcoTourism

2. Our new Members:    

Warmest welcome to our new members from Estonia, India and Scotland.

Tourindia - Kerala, India - Winners of the 1998 DRV International Environment Award, ecotourism pioneers, originators of the Kettuvalom house boats and backwater cruises, operators of the famous Tree-house ecolodges at Vythiri.
SOOMAA.COM - Estonia - WWW.SOOMAA.COM is a web-site owned by Karuskose Ltd. - a small company organizing nature trips and offering tourist services in one of the last wilderness areas of Europe - Soomaa National Park in Estonia
EarthuDiscover - Extraordinary Geological Adventures - EarthuDiscover will help you develop an awareness and understanding of the scenery, landscapes and underlying earth science of a specific area of the Earth.

3.  Members News: A Message by Ecotourism Ring Member AmazonAid.org

AmazonAid.org promotes volunteerism and ecotourism in Peru's Amazon region. If you know of any trips or groups (no matter the size!) visiting this region, I would very much like to know of their plans.  I am hoping to help volunteers coordinate so as to not duplicate efforts.  In the meantime, if you know of someone interested in volunteering in this region, or if one of
you has a trip you would like listed for FREE, please visit www.AmazonAid.org.  Also, find all manner of great rainforest items from my "Rainforest Shop.

Thanks for your help!

4. Monthly Poll 

Question: Would it be Ethical to revive an extinct species, e.g. the Dodo, by Cloning?

Yes:  54%  No: 34%  Undecided: 12%    (out of a total of 50 votes)

54 % think it would be ethical to revive an extinct species. Probably because we are to blame for the extinction in the first place.
But another angle to cloning has just been announced. Human pigs have been cloned by the same company that cloned Dolly. They say, cloned pigs can be used to grow human transplants. Thus, this month's question is : 


GO TO www.ecotourism.cc to VOTE.  

The Poll will end on the 15th of April, results in the next ecotouRING news.

5. World Ecotourism News   - (with our infamous Comments in Brackets)  

22/2/2000 - ENN - World's first coral sunscreen on the way  - (hurray !)
"A sunscreen using coral's natural defense against ultra-violet rays (UV) could be on the market within five years, Australian scientists said today." (There is hope, then that some corals may be preserved for the noble causes of the sun-screen lotion industry)

22/2/2000 - AP - Killer whale found in Japanese river (and freed)
"A killer whale was stranded Tuesday in a river running through a central Japanese city, leaving officials at a loss over how to free it. Eventually they succeeded in doing so. The 17-foot whale entered the Horikawa River Tuesday morning from the port of Nagoya, a major city in Japan's central Aichi state, said port spokesman Miki Okada. The whale swam about 2.5 miles upstream before getting stuck, she said." (Amazing, didn't someone notify the whale hunters? )

24/2/2000 - ENN - Honduras indigenous seek aid to Caribbean coast
Tens of thousands of indigenous Indians on the Caribbean coast of Honduras face severe food shortages after two consecutive years of rains that destroyed crops, a local organization said Tuesday.

25/2/2000 - AP - 2 rare tigers killed in Russia, cure for "impotence"
"Wildlife officials in Russia's Far East killed two rare Siberian snow tigers this week after the large, carnivorous animals lost their fear of people and began frequenting villages, a news report said Thursday. The Amur tigers live in dense forests on the Pacific coast near China and are faced with extinction from poaching and habitat encroachment. Only about 300 of the tigers remain in the wild. The tigers have been targeted by Russian and Chinese hunters who can make $20,000 a head or use various body parts to brew folk medicine believed to cure such ailments as impotence and arthritis. " (I bet, killing a tiger must do wonders for the hunters impotence. They may also like to experiment with shooting at other targets, such as their colleagues)

25/2/2000 - AP - Monkeys stone herder in Kenya
"Thirsty monkeys in drought-affected eastern Kenya stoned to death a herder watering his livestock, a local newspaper reported Thursday. Ali Adam Hussein and other herdsmen had stopped to water their cattle at a pool in the northeastern Wajir district on Saturday when a group of wild monkeys attacked them with stones, the independent daily East African Standard said." ( Even Darwin would be amazed)

28/2/2000 -  AP - Three lynx poisoned in Switzerland
"Three lynx have been found dead in western Switzerland, apparently poisoned in a new protest against the animal's protected status, local authorities said Monday. The three animals - a female and her two young - were found over the past week in a mountainous region of Vaud canton, and initial tests indicated they were deliberately poisoned, the state government said. Authorities filed criminal charges against persons unknown. The country has about 100 wild lynx.
(The country now has about 97 wild lynx...and at least one psychopath)

28/2/2000 -ENN - "Mystery disease" threatens African flamingos
"A mystery disease, possibly caused by pollution, is killing tens of thousands of flamingos on Lake Bogoria in the Kenyan Rift Valley." (possibly ?)

2/3/2000 - ENN - Mexico salt factory "dead in the water"
"Conservation groups celebrated a major victory Thursday when the Mexican government canceled plans to build the world's largest salt factory. The saltworks would have been built at Laguna San Ignacio, part of Mexico's largest wildlife sanctuary."

2/3/2000 - Nasa - Nasa may crash spacecraft
"A NASA spacecraft exploring Jupiter and its moons may be deliberately crashed to avoid any chance that it could strike and contaminate the moon Europa, where scientists believe simple life forms may exist." (150 years after the Industrial Revolution, Humans are already contaminating the universe. Now That's Progress ! Let's sincerely hope the extra-terrestrials find us soon and destroy us.)

2/3/2000 - AP - Cruisin & pollutin
"Six cruise ship operators have been accused by the Environmental Protection Agency of "significantly exceeding" state and federal air pollution limits in Alaska. Holland America Line-Westours Inc., Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Lines and World Explorer Cruises were cited Tuesday. According to the EPA, 13 of the companies' ships violated air pollution regulations. The companies could be fined up to $27,500 per incident and could be ordered to install pollution control equipment or take other action. ($27,500,000 will teach them. Or, did you say 27 THOUSAND?)

6/3/2000 - AP - Elephants through Bangkok
"A dozen elephants marched through Bangkok's car-choked streets Monday in a protest by their handlers against the city's plans to ban begging elephants. The ban orders the handlers, or mahouts, to leave the capital with their elephants before Friday or face arrest. City authorities say bringing elephants to Bangkok is dangerous for man and beast. A few weeks ago, an elephant broke loose from its handler and charged down one of Bangkok's busiest streets before a veterinarian with a tranquilizer gun brought it down. Other elephants have been struck by cars or have tripped into open manholes."

(I sincerely wish the elephants could vote , WITH THEIR FEET)

6/3/2000 - AP - Don't feed the monkeys
"The central Japanese tourist town of Nikko is fed up with monkey-feeding tourists. "Don't feed the monkeys," warns a first-of-its-kind ordinance submitted to Nikko's assembly Monday. Troops of wild macaques are among the area's best-known attractions, along with a 318-foot waterfall and a shrine that is the burial place of the 16th century shogun who unified Japan. Government officials blame doting tourists for teaching the monkeys to accept handouts. "

(When cultural sites are turned into zoos for the mass tourist, then monkeys start performing)

8/3/2000 - UNEP -  Australia to host world environment day
"The major celebrations of the Year 2000 World Environment Day, which falls on June 5, will be held in Adelaide, Australia, this year, the Nairobi-based United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) announced Tuesday." ( Such success in saving the planet, they deserve a celebration)

9/3/2000 - RTR -  Floods hit ...Diving ? 
"Because of the negative reporting in the press, I have had 100 percent cancellations four weekends running," Roger Muller, who runs Oceanic Dive Charters in Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique, told Reuters by telephone. "But we have had no flooding here, just a bit of extra rain and mud, and the scuba diving is great," he said. " (But not so great for the homeless thousands. But then again they do not scuba ! What a pity for all these luxury expat lodges which support impoverished countries through scuba diving.) 

10/3/2000 - ENN - Organic dairy teams with NGO to buy California land
"As the demand for wine increases, much of California's dairy lands are being gobbled up for vineyards. Wine yields more profits than conventional milk, as the dairy industry hits a low on prices. Sandhill cranes can't survive in vineyards; they live off of the irrigated pastures and row-crop acreage found in dairy farms. Horizon Organic Dairy paired with the Nature Conservancy and bought about 600 acres of dairy land south of Sacramento, California, for $2.5 million. Roughly 110 acres are being set aside for conservation of the snakes and water fowl, including the sandhill crane."

10/3/2000 - AP - Caught in the conservation? Act
Two U.S. scientists of the Alabama-based National Speleological Society, were "caught trying to take rare fish and insects from a Borneo rain forest without a permit", a government official said today in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two were not arrested when they were caught Thursday, said Michael Pangiran, an official of the Sarawak state's Forestry Department. They were allowed to return to the United States, he said. The Speleological Society's executive vice president, said he had no information on the incident. But he called the expedition of scientists and explorers, who were on their third trip to map a giant cave in the area, "very conscientiously run." "You have some of the most conservation-minded people in the entire country on this," Keeler said . "All the insects and animals here belong to the state of Sawarak," the Sarawak official said. "You just can't simply come here, collect the specimens and then ask for the permit." Under the Sawarak Biodiversity Ordinance, collecting specimens without a proper permit is punishable by up to three years imprisonment or a fine of about $5,200."
(Bio-exploitation meets economic nationalism.  I wonder though if the insects and animals can ever belong to the  STATE ! . Has anybody informed them at least?)

12/3/200 - ENN -  Mongolia faces famine as herds die off
"Mongolian herders will face hunger by May as their livestock die off after the harshest winter for 30 years, the United Nations said on Sunday. "The starvation is going to come, and it is going to be a long-term thing," said Syann Williams, coordinator for the United Nations Disaster Management Team in Mongolia. "The famine will continue for at least the next twelve months, and probably longer," the report said. The landlocked northern Asian country suffered its worst drought in 60 years last summer, followed by a harsh winter. The UNDMT recommended immediate shipment of animal fodder, food supplements and veterinary medicines.

13/3/2000 - AP - Hong Kong gives Disneyland environmental OK
"A planned Disneyland park in Hong Kong is environmentally sound, although it may scare some endangered sea eagles away from their nearby nest and force them to find to a new home, officials said today. "The worst-case scenario is the birds could abandon the nest," said Timothy J. Peirson-Smith, an environmental consultant who presented findings of two environmental impact assessments of the Disney site. "In the worst case, there are habitats the birds could go to." "

(In the BEST CASE, the park will CLOSE and the birds will RETURN)

14/3/2000 - AP - Milk or Beer ?
"A new ad campaign by an animal rights group urging US college students to replace their milk mustaches with beer foam has angered anti-drunken driving activists and the dairy industry. Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to unveil its "Got Beer?" campaign on college campuses this week. PETA says the dairy industry is cruel to cows and contends milk isn't as healthy as beer because of its fat content, a claim scoffed at by nutritionists as oversimplified."

(Battle of the Groups, I propose we all reach a compromise by drinking water)

15/3/2000 - AP - Snowmobiles YellowStoned, but not yet, maybe.
"Concerns about pollution and noise from snowmobiles has Yellowstone National Park officials leaning towards a ban on the vehicles within the next two years. A spokeswoman for the World's oldest park says such a ban will probably occur and the park will shift winter traffic to snowcoaches." (If it takes two whole years to ban snowmobiles from Yellowstone, how many years for Global Warming?)

6. Trade Shows / Conferences
If you are organising or are aware of an ecotourism related Trade Show or Conference please send us the details to include it here. Search for more trade shows at http://ecotourism.cc

Event Name: @Travel
Date: Apr 25-26, 2000
Location: Miami, FL, United States
Event Type:
Conference, Trade Show & Exhibition
Frequency: Annual
 More Info
Information Technology, Computer Manufacturing, Internet & Online Services, Travel & Tourism


Event Name: Travel & Leisure Show
Date: Apr 28-30, 2000
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Venue: International Centre
Event Type:
Trade Show & Exhibition
Frequency: Annual
More   Info
Event Description:
"Exhibitors are Tourist Boards, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Airlines, Rail Lines, Coach Lines, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Spas, Resorts, Travel Support Services, and travel related products. Search the world! Canada, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, U.S.A., Adventure Travel and Eco Tourism. Special features are entertainment, foods of the world, demonstrations, fashion show, seminars and special screenings." - Courtesy tscentral.com

7. ECO-Quiz   Answer correctly by email to quiz@ecotourism.cc and receive a clever game by email !
Which country has the most protected areas as a percentage of total territory?

Last Month's Question was:
What Percentage of Forest Canopy in the Mount Kenya Reserve has been destroyed, mainly for marijuana cultivation?
The Answer is : 90% !

90% of the forest canopy has been destroyed.  324 hectares have been cleared for marijuana plantations.   The total size of Mt. Kenya National Park is 71800 hectares so at least  0.5% of the total park area is being cultivated for such purposes. Imagine what goes on outside the park. Until real alternatives, such as ecotourism, are given to the farmers, I think this trend will worsen.

We had one winner: Ecotourism Ring Members

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