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issue 14, June 2000
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1. World Ecotourism News

India bans shahtoosh 
ENN 16/5/00 
"A judge in India last week banned the manufacture and sale of shahtoosh, the soft wool derived from the endangered Tibetan antelope, in the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir, the only place where it was still permitted. 

Texas Turtles
ENN - 17/5/00 
Most of the record 210 loggerhead sea turtles that washed up on Texas beaches last year originated from protected nesting populations in Florida, recent scientific data from the National Marine Fisheries Service shows. 

Coral Reefs "recovering"
Florida Today - 21/5/00 
"The world's coral reefs made a partial recovery last year after a dismal 1998 but remain threatened by over-fishing and climate changes, scientists say.  

Nigeria: We Are Ready for Tourism
Africa News Service 25/5/00
Nigeria for once has a wonderful outing in a travel and tourism event as her delegation to the just ended Africa Travel Association (ATA) held at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia stole the show and became the cynosure of all eyes. areas.

Guyana & ecotourism
BBC Monitoring Americas  26/5/00
"President Jagdeo said his administration was currently encouraging investment in the manufacturing, wood, agriculture, mining, information technology and ecotourism sectors. The ecotourism sector is geared for a jump-start. 

"Panama Canal on threshold of a bright future"
Journal of Commerce 26/5/00
"On Dec. 31, the Panama Canal was transferred to the government of Panama in compliance with the Carter-Torrijos Treaty, and the last U.S. soldier left the former Canal Zone. The canal's former deputy administrator for nearly five years notes: "Tourism, especially ecotourism, is one area of great opportunity. 

Killing bulls in public

AP 2/6/00
"Portugal's parliament has revoked a 1928 law that made killing bulls in public a crime punishable by prison time - a move that may appease bullfighting aficionados but has drawn heated protests from animal rights activists. 

80 Whales Die in Mexico

AP 2/6/00
Nearly 80 whales died after beaching themselves on Mexico's southeastern coast.

"Animal Farm" in Angola
Economist 3/6/00
Twenty five years of civil war in Angola have knocked the country right off the beaten track. Yet, if the war ever ends, Angola does have incredible eco-tourism potential. 

UN Global 500 Awards 
AP  4/6/2000
"Australian Prime Minister John Howard presented U.N. Global 500 awards to three Australian winners at a ceremony in South Australia state capital Adelaide on the eve of World Environment Day. The full list of winners is:  

Indian Minister: Elephants in danger
Reuters 5/6/00
India's elephant population is on the brink of extinction because of poaching and brutal training methods, a federal government minister said.

India: Environment protection fund to be set up
BBC Monitoring South Asia - Economic 5/6/00
" India has decided to hike from 15 to 25 per cent funds for soil and water conservation measures in new afforestation projects in the desert and drought-prone areas and plans to set up an environment protection fund for creating mass awareness. 

American Team Picks up Garbage from Mt. Everest

Reuters 6/12/00
A team of American climbers and Nepali sherpa guides have removed vast amounts of garbage left on Mount Everest in
an effort to raise awareness about environmental issues in the Everest area.

Disney Cruise Ship Reports 200 Passengers Ill with Gastrointestinal Illness

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News 7/6/2000
"In the largest cruise ship incident of its kind in two years, Disney's Magic returned to Port Canaveral Monday with 200 sick passengers, and officials still aren't sure what caused the illness. 

Geckos stick by atomic energy
UPI June 8, 2000
In a remarkable revelation of how geckos scoot up walls and across ceilings, scientists reported Wednesday the lizards adhere to surfaces by atomic energy.

World's first Internet elephant baby born
Reuters 11/6/00
The first elephant baby to be born live on the Internet entered the world on Saturday, and mother and son are doing well, said officials at Switzerland's Zurich Zoo. 

Whaling Watchdog Aims to regain control over Seas
Reuters 12/6/00
"The International Whaling Commission, which regulates international whaling must reassert its power over the industry or risk losing control altogether, its secretary said on Monday. 

California land purchase to aid environment, endangered species
The Business Press, Ontario, Calif. 12/6/00
"Riverside County, California, has finalized its purchase of the 1,376-acre Johnson Ranch near Temecula in one of the region's largest open space acquisitions by a government agency. 

Kenyan Tourism Seeks Tax Relief
Africa News Service 14/6/00
"The tourism industry yesterday urged the government to exempt it from taxes in tomorrow's budget. 

2. The new Ecotourism Ring Members

A warm welcome to all the new ecotourism ring members from Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, USA.

Rancho La Duna - Baja California, Mexico - Rancho La Duna, a true ecolodge has been designed as a working laboratory including an organic garden, reforestation efforts, a native plant and desert botanical garden, solar energy, solar distillation and desalination, water conservation, and composting of organic waste.
Ecolé – Adventures International - Ecolé - Adventures International was founded by conservation activists, and represents only organizations and ecotour operators with a firm commitment to the environment and local & indigenous peoples.
Green Dreams - A directory for authentic ecotourism tour operators and accommodation in Australia. If you fit into this category, visit the website for a free listing
El Tigre Journeys in Western Amazonia - Peru - El Tigre Journeys facilitates enlightening travel workshops and retreats in the Peruvian Amazon to learn about rainforest flora and fauna, ethnobiology, indigenous cultures, and ancient spiritual healing knowledge and practices.
Chancas Expeditions - Peru - Dugout Canoe and Camping ecotours in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Rainforest in cooperation with local guides from the Village of Lagunas.
Eco-Adventure Tours Victoria - Australia - Award-winning, advanced ecotourism accredited tours in Victoria, Australia. Explore magnificent Mountain Ash forests with local experts and see the world's tallest flowering plants and largest gliding possums.
Pax Naturae - The Bosque Lluvioso Río Costa Rica is a rainforest preservation project. Our organization is for the purpose of finding ways to preserve some of the few remaining tracts of virgin rainforests in Costa Rica.

3. New Ecotourism Providers at 

The following genuine ecotourism providers have signed free promotion agreements with over the past month. Please visit their sites, as well as those of existing members 
(Ecoindia and BST - Indonesia) and enjoy special rates as members of ecoclub.

Tourindia - Kerala, India 
Virginmount - Kerala, India
Rio Tinto Lodge & Adventure Expeditions - Rio Platano Reserve, Honduras
Bonstar Travels - Sri Lanka
St. Achilleios Guesthouse - Lake Prespa,  Greece
Ecobaja - Baja California, Mexico

4. Monthly Poll Result

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5. Antonis' Eco-tales: The Prespa International Park and a Bear 

This May, we visited the Prespa International Park in the Border of Greece with Albania and  F.Y.R.O.M. That peaceful area is a natural crossroad of civilisations, geographically just ............ FULL TEXT in Subscribers version

6. Members News

Message from Ecotourism Ring Members: Ecotourism Society Pakistan

"After unprecedented drought conditions in Balochistan, the Ecotourism Society Pakistan contacted senior members of the province and asked them about conditions of juniper trees in Ziarat valley. Here is the initial report while Society has decided to send......

Message from Ecotourism Ring Members : AmazonAid   http://www.AmazonAid.Org 
" In less than two weeks I'll be off to the Amazon! This year I am leading a group for Rivers of the World

7. Trade Shows / Conferences

If you are organising or are aware of an ecotourism related Trade Show or Conference please send the details to  to include it here.  More trade shows at 

1 Ecotourism Association of Australia National Conference
Nov 2-5, 2000 Victoria, Australia 
2 Environmental Management Systems for Tourism Destinations
Jun 26-30, 2000 In House 
The George Washington University 
3 Marine Ecotourism
Jul 26-27, 2000 In House 
The George Washington University 

8. Internet & Tourism Law - Watch

Reps Agree on Digital Signatures

New rules for hotel owners

West Virginia Is Rapidly Losing Sales Tax from Internet, Official Says

Web sites secretly divert customer data. 

EU proposes rules for value-added tax on Internet.

9. Eco - Quiz

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The Question was: What are the ULTIMATE roots of the term ECOTOURISM ?
The answer is : .......

The new Eco-Quiz: 
What share (%) of the dangerous gas emissions that destroy the ozon layer, are NOT man-made.

10. Ecotourism Ring Statistics

Seven new websites joined the Ecotourism Ring during the past month bringing our total to 70 sites from 28 countries, a monthly increase of 11% ! Traffic rose from 3259 hits to 3439 (+5.5%) and the Ecotourism Ring ended at the 50th position by traffic and 31st position by size in the top-100 travel related Webrings. On we go !

Ecotourism Ring Top-10:  Ranking by Visitors sent to other Ecotourism Ring Sites, last 8 weeks


top-10 rank

 Visitors (Previous) Ecotourism Ring Member Site:
1 (1) 84 (95) Amazon Rain Forest Expedition
2 (4) 79 (59) - Free Ecotourism Resources
3 (8) 72 (46) Sunny Brook Cottages -NH, U.S.A.
4 new entry 64 - Ecotourism on Florida's Space Coast
5 (3) 61 (60) Daintree Wilderness Lodge - Australia
6 (2) 60 (65) Eco-Tours in Bhutan
7 (6) 58 (48) Ecotourism
8 (9) 45 (44)   Kosrae Village Resort, Micronesia
9 new entry 45 - Great Canadian Ecoventures
10 new entry 44 - Gustav W. Verderber - Environmental Interpretation


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