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ecotouRING news No. 7 - November 1999 _______________________________________the bulletin of the Ecotourism Ring

List of Ecotourism Ring Members

  In this Issue:  
1. Ecotourism Ring Overview 2. Our New Members  3. Selection of World News 4. New Ecotourism Book 5. Practical info  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Announcement: I will be attending the World Travel Market in London (17-18 November). Among other things, I will be promoting the Ecotourism Ring. If any other Ring Members, or ecotouRING news readers are attending, please let me know (Mobile +30945850544). If you wish to email me about this please use the address webmaster@ecotourism.zzn.com  A report on the WTM will appear in the next ecotouRING news. - Cheers! ABP. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Ecotourism Ring Overview:  

1. (a) Ring Statistics.

Three new members joined during the past month. We now number 41 sites from 19 countries. One site was removed from the Ring as apparently it became extinct (it happens to sites too). In late October there was a slump in recorded traffic, possibly due to technical reasons, and thus we fell to the 54th position. In November clicks have picked up though.

1. (b) TOP-10 Ecotourism Ring Members (based on Ring Traffic generated, during past 8 weeks)

Rank Clicks Member Name - (Previous Rank)
1 114 Amazon Rain Forest Expedition (1)
2 112 Estonian Ecotourism Association (3)
3 74 Eco-Tours in Bhutan (2)
4 53 Daintree Wilderness Lodge (4)
5 48 www.ecotourism.cc (8)
6 46 Pyrenees Horse trails (10)
6 46 Australian Cairns Queensland Rainforest Ecotours (-)
8 45 Kosrae Village Resort - Eco Resort In Micronesia (9)
8 45 About.com: Ecotourism (5)
10 37 Alaska Vistas Company ( - )

1. (c) Debate: "Ecotourism: Nationalistic or Internationalist?"

The poll currently under way at the Ecotourism Ring Homepage stands as follows:

Nationalistic: 0% , Internationalist 81% , Neither: 19 %.

1. (d) New Banner:

A new Ecotourism banner has been designed, to incorporate the feedback from some Members. You do not have to change your banners, but if you want to, just login (at www.ecotourism.cc) with your ID and password and copy the personalised banner code from your edit screen. Or if you wish I can email it to you.

2. Our new Members:    

Warmest welcome to:

  Project Bird Watch - Indonesia
"On a far-flung, nearly forgotten Spice Island, visitors climb into the rainforest canopy to see--and help save--endangered parrots and cockatoos. Join us as we put ex-bird poachers of Indonesia to work as birdwatching guides and help them preserve their forest."
"Gateway to Fraser Island, history, National Parks, bushwalking, 4WD driving, sailing, canoeing, hang gliding, accommodation and restaurants. Huge site with many links."
Douglas White Architect - US Virgin Islands
"Douglas White Architect (DWA) is an American architect in the U. S. Virgin Islands, in the Eastern Caribbean providing high quality, ecologically sensitive, tropical architecture for eco-lodge and ecotourism projects utilizing sustainable development practices, renewable energy "  

3. Selection of news headlines from around the world   - (Comments in Brackets)

18/10/99  2000 blackbirds dead in Illinois.
AP - The bodies of about 2,000 red-winged blackbirds, starlings and grackles were found late last week in a farm field with their wings to the side and heads pointing into the ground. Evidence points to possible chemical contamination. Wind had been blamed in an earlier incident this summer, when a flock of egrets was found dead near Springfield after a strong storm. (Ah, pure coincidence)

20/10/99  Fourth Elephant steps on land mines in Myanmar. AP- A fourth Thai elephant has stepped on a land mine, Thai officials reported Wednesday. The logging elephant, a 20-year-old female named Motabol, was running from a cluster of hornets near the stronghold of an armed ethnic rebel group inside Myanmar when the mine went off. (unfortunately, if a person had stepped on the mine, it would not even be in the news)  

22/10/99 Wool shawl: Deadly price AP - A wool shawl that could slip through a wedding ring means $15,000. It also means death for the three to five Tibetan chiru antelopes. The Washington-based World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society launched a campaign to stop use of this "luxury" fiber, available in Hong Kong, Paris, New York. (I wish antelopes had sharp teeth for some of those nuptial fingers)

22/10/99 Cruise line fined a few millions for Alaskan pollution
ENN - Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the world's second-largest passenger cruise line, was fined $6.5 million for dumping oily bilge water and other pollutants into Alaskan waters. (Limited Company, Unlimited Damage) 

22/10/99 New National Park in Colorado
AP - More than 12 after the idea was proposed, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in western Colorado finally became a national park. It was the first new national park in FIVE years. (undisputedly a big achievement)

25/10/99 From Antarctica with Ice  ENN - A lake buried four kilometers deep under the eastern Antarctic ice cap may still harbor life, according to a team of scientists. Theoretically, it could shed some light on the possibility of life on Jupiter's moons.

27/10/99 A sun-stroke for the oil block? ENN - Terrestrial solar cell efficiency has taken another leap forward, converting a record 32.3 percent of the sun's energy into useable power &mdash more than doubling current efficiency ratings. The milestone was reached by scientists at Spectrolab, a unit of Hughes Electronics Corp. (and the funny thing is that the thing is everywhere).

29/10/99  Greece: turtle speed in turtle protection.
AP-The European Commission is taking Greece to court for failing to adequately protect a rare Mediterranean sea turtle (Caretta Caretta) that has turned into a major tourist attraction on the Ionian island of Zakynthos. (Make musaka,, not turtle)

2/11/99 Mexico welcomes butterflies.
ENN - More than 5 million monarch butterflies escaping cold northern weather have arrived in Mexican sanctuaries and 180 million more are expected to light for the winter, Mexico's environmental protection agency said. (if humans could move as easily, in the opposite direction)  

4/11/99 WWF & China "secure"  "sustainable" trade in wild plants.  ENN - Officials in China have agreed to secure a sustainable trade in the wild plants and animals used in traditional remedies at a three-day conference organized by WWF (Amazing, WWF managed to call a trade in wild plants and animals sustainable. Next project: wild animal recycling).  

11/11/99 "Scientific" whaling ENN - Japan's whaling fleet left the southern Japanese port of Shimonoseki headed for the Southern Ocean to hunt down 440 minke whales for "s c i e n t i f i c  r e s e a r c h". ( rather s c i e n c e   f i c t i o n )  

11/11/99 Unwilling invaders
ENN - Scientists said exotic creatures around the world getting free rides from port to port in the ballast water on ships are an environmental problem.
(Really. So, will someone please tell the shipowners)

4. New Ecotourism Book

We received the following book announcement:

"Managing Tourism Growth: Issues and Applications: by Fred P.Bosselman, Craig A.Peterson and Claire McCarthy.

An outstanding feature of the book is the numerous and varied case studies it offers. The authors, planning and legal experts, analyze the methods by which destination communities can carefully control tourism, by examining alternative legal and regulatory measures. Island Press describes it as must-reading for planners, officials, tourism executives, consultants and academics.

We are currently featuring this book in the ecotourism.cc bookshop top-10 selection. Order on-line at www.ecotourism.cc/doc/ecobooks.html Price: USD 40.

5. Practical info: