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The Ecotourism Ring
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international association of 92 ecotourism websites in 37 countries
Since 1998, uniting leading & genuine ecotourism websites worldwide

Membership is Free !  
To apply please read carefully the Membership Terms & Conditions
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Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Ecotourism Ring Membership is Free.

2. A member website must have genuine Ecotourism as its Main topic. We define genuine Ecotourism as nature based, sustainably managed, conservation supporting, environmentally and culturally educated tourism which benefits the local community.

3. The website must be owned by a company, organisation, association or community. Exceptionally good Personal websites may also be considered.

4. After pressing the "Accept the Terms" Button, you will be transferred to Yahoo, so that you can sign up for a free Yahoo ID. If you do not wish to sign up for a Yahoo ID but still wish to join Ecotourism Ring please email the Ringmaster

5. After applying, you will be notified usually within 24 hours whether your website has been accepted. If it has you will need to insert the Ecotourism Ring Banner somewhere on your main page.

6. If the Ecotourism Ring Banner is removed, the website will automatically be moved back to the Queue and a notification will be sent to you, the Webmaster. Please pay special attention when updating your website. If no action is taken, your site may be completely removed from the Queue and the Ring without further notification. 

7. The Ecotourism Ring Banner must be displayed on either the member's website entrance page, or one of their main pages. A main page is defined as a page fully linked to and from the entrance page of the site.  Customer Traffic must be two-way so as to be fair to all existing Members. The use of Frames in particular should conform with this rule. If in doubt, please ask. The Ecotourism Ring Banner can not be placed on a hidden page or a page mainly containing links or contact details. The chosen page must have a significant ecotourism content as specified in rule 2.

9. The listing order of websites at the List Pages, is influenced by the positioning and visibility of the Ecotourism Ring code in their website, on whether they are members of other Rings, on the ecotourism qualities of the website and by how long they have been members.  

10. Ecotourism Ring Members can also receive free Ecotourism Ring Stickers by requesting them from the Ringmaster.

11. The Ringmaster is the sole judge of whether a website should be accepted and whether it should remain in the Ecotourism Ring. 

12. ECOCLUB SA, the Ringmaster, accept NO liability or make any guarantees in relation to benefits from participating in the Ecotourism Ring, either to participating Websites or to Website Visitors. Neither do we guarantee the performance, non-interruption or quality of this Webring service. The Yahoo! Webring Organisation http://webring.yahoo.com are solely responsible for technical matters. 

13. ECOCLUB SA  may amend any of the above Terms, at any time without notice. Thus It is your responsibility to review the rules from time to time. In the event that Term number 1 changes (i.e. Membership ceases to be free), you will be notified well in advance and will have a period of 30 days to decide whether you wish to remain in the Ecotourism Ring. 
The Terms were last revised November 19, 2000.